Garden Supplies

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  • Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch10sqm-1

Are you looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden? SEQL stock a large range of pre-packaged products, including fertilizers, potting mixes and manure. For all your gardening needs visit our supply yard today.

  • Sugar cane mulch (coverage 10m2)
  • Premium potting mix (30L bag)
  • Seed & cutting mix (22L bag)
  • Poultry manure fertiliser (15kg bag)
  • Blood & bone fertiliser (15kg bag)
  • Lime impact fertiliser (25kg bag)
  • Native shrub fertiliser (15kg bag)
  • Greenworld compost (25L bag)
  • Greenworld cow manure (25L bag)
  • Greenworld tomato & vege mix (25L bag)

SEQL also stock a range of decorative concrete pavers and treads.

For copies of Material Safety Data Sheets please contact our office.