SEQL stock a large range of aggregates and standard DGB and DGS road bases to RMS 3051 specification. We also stock beaching rock, and oversize rock for erosion control, break-walls and landscaping.

  • 10mm


    Uses for 10mm include back filling of trenches, drainage around PVC and ag-pipe, it can also be used as a base for concrete mix. Versatile product and easy to shovel.

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  • 20mm


    Common uses of 20mm include back filling of trenches, drainage behind retaining walls and around PVC and ag-pipe.

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  • 40-70mm Access Cobble

    40-70mm Access Cobble

    A mix of 40-70mm rock. Commonly used as access cobble and as a drainage material.

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  • Gabion Rock

    Gabion Rock

    Gabion rock is commonly used as the fill material for gabion baskets, commonly used in civil engineering projects, road building, military applications, landscaping walls and erosion control.

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  • Crusher Dust

    Crusher Dust

    Crusher dust is made up of fine particles like soft sand, crusher dust can be used as a cost-effective filling and packing material around water tanks. Blended with natural sands to improve concrete shrinkage and water demand, it can also be used to back-fill trenches.

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