SEQL and our suppliers have a proud history of providing quality packed concrete & cements. Our range includes drymix concrete, hydrated lime, mortar mixes and general building products for the DIY enthusiast and the Australian building and construction industry.

SEQL are proud to use Australian owned and operated suppliers who share our commitment to quality and customer service. The supplier of our cement and concrete products are certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001.

  • Builders cement

    Builders cement

    Grey cement suited to all needs including mortar, concrete and stabilising granite, road base or sands.

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  • Rapid set

    Rapid set

    Suitable for postholes / fenceposts where lower strength is acceptable.

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  • Sand & cement

    Sand & cement

    A proportioned mix of selected graded sand and cement binders for patching, bedding and landscaping work.

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  • Off white cement

    Off white cement

    Used in mortar to obtain a white colour mortar for brick joints. Can also be used to stabilise granite so it doesn’t affect the colour.

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  • Bycol (clear)

    Bycol (clear)

    Is an air-entraining admixture used to improve the workability of brickwork mortars and concrete mixes. Provides a more durable mortar and concrete by reducing segregation and bleeding.

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  • Hydrated lime

    Hydrated lime

    Can be used to increase the workability of cement mortar.

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  • BondCrete


    Very versatile sealing and bonding agent. Some uses include: concrete topping and repairs, rendering & plastering, tile fixing & grouting, sealing, binding & dustproofing and decorative finishes.

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  • Concrete mix

    Concrete mix

    A proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands and cement. General purpose applications.

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