SEQL stock a range of timber and composted garden organic mulches. Our supplier producers timber mulches and chips in accordance with the EPA Raw Mulch Exemption 2014. This means the sourced materials pose minimal risk of having plant propagules, pathogens and contaminants present.

The timber and wood chips consist of untreated and uncontaminated timbers from forestry, sawmill and urban wood residues. This can include a mixture of woodchips, wood off cuts, shavings and pallets.

Our supplier is an innovator in Eco-friendly gardening and developed products that set benchmarks in the creation of recycled organics. Our supplier is committed to ensuring products are certified to meet Australian Standards and are environmentally friendly, safe and effective.

  • Eucy Mulch

    Eucy Mulch

    Organic, long lasting, excellent water retaining properties. Natural look and texture, perfect for native gardens and recreating a bush floor setting.

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  • Pine Chip

    Pine Chip

    Great for ground cover to retain moisture in garden beds and vegetable patches. Turns grey when breaks down.

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  • Cottage Blend / Leaf

    Cottage Blend / Leaf

    Recycled blend of forestry and urban timbers. A heavy mulch, suitable for all vegetation.

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  • Sugar Cane

    Sugar Cane

    Dried and screened sugar cane leaves and tops. Insulates soil and retains moisture.

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  • Ecosafe Soft Fall

    Ecosafe Soft Fall

    Complies with AS/NZ 4422 and can be supplied with a certificate of approval for use under play equipment. Can also be used as ground cover for moisture retention.

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