• Bricky Sand

    Bricky Sand

    (50/50 Brickies blend). Local bricklaying sand mortar mix, blend of off white mix. Suitable for laying bricks, blocks and stone walls.

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  • Washed River Sand

    Washed River Sand

    Graded to 4mm specification. Uses can include slurry mix for edging, base for under pavers, concrete mix, bedding for retaining wall blocks and pipes and bedding in horse arenas.

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  • River Sand

    River Sand

    A cheaper alternative to washed river sand. A good water carrying medium and great for bedding pipes.

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  • Fill Sand

    Fill Sand

    Screened fill sand is a coarse fill material. Suitable for use under concrete or backfilling. Colour will vary.

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  • White


    Off white coloured sand. Suitable for use as a mix for mortar. It can be mixed with builders clay cement or an off white cement depending on the colour of mortar you’re aiming for.

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